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China-US Rivalry: Sleepwalking Into War?

If confidence building measures and the adoption of an arms control regime in the South China Sea, China and the US risk stumbling into a catastrophic war.

Source: https://madrascourier.com/policy/china-us-rivalry-sleepwalking-into-war/

Future of International Institutions and Soft Balancing

Institutions have long been used as a means for soft balancing, including by the US. However, the US and its allies cannot ignore the norms of the rules based international order, for to do so risks undermining the shared norms soft balancing depends on.

Source: http://blog.yalebooks.com/2018/10/18/the-future-of-international-institutions-and-soft-balancing/

The Power of Non-Alignment

Finding themselves caught between the giants of the United States and China, small states of the Asia-Pacific are not destined to become pawns in the midst of great power competition; instead they can resurrect the ‘Bandung spirit’ and adopt a policy of non’alignment through the use of soft-balancing.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/the-power-of-non-alignment/article25185002.ece

Soft Balancing vs. Hard Clashes: The Risks of War Over the South China Sea

To minimize the risk of conflict in the South China Sea, all parties should consider measures to alleviate the dangers that arise from time pressures.

Source: https://www.globalasia.org/v13no3/feature/soft-balancing-vs-hard-clashes-the-risks-of-war-over-the-south-china-sea_tv-paul

How India will React to the Rise of China: the Soft-Balancing Strategy Reconsidered

To restrain China India is likely to form both a soft-balancing coalition and limited hard balancing coalition, but the formation of a traditional hard-balancing coalition with the United States is very unlikely.

Source: https://warontherocks.com/2018/09/india-and-the-rise-of-china-soft-balancing-strategy-reconsidered/

India’s Strategic Roadmap

India’s Strategic Roadmap

Today or tomorrow, China will likely turn against India. New Delhi must be ready for when the time comes.

Source: nationalinterest.org/feature/indias-strategic-roadmap-28322

How “soft balancing” can restrain Trump’s America

Analysis: Trump trying to get ahead of allegations

International relations professor T.V. Paul breaks down the surprising comments after talks between Trump and Putin and what they mean.